About the Fujifilm Developer Network

Fujifilm has a 78 year history of research and development resulting in core photographic innovations making it a leader in providing end-to-end solutions in the photographic category. Fujifilm was first-to-market with a 1-hour web to store fulfillment solution and continues to provide order fulfillment for over 10,000 retail locations and mail order service within the United States and abroad. 

Fujifilm is opening their robust fulfillment network to the development community through our new Smart Publishing API (SPA) – a collection of mobile friendly services that give application and web developers the opportunity to easily monetize their apps by offering photo gifts and products to their users through our ever-growing fulfillment network, resulting in additional revenue and increased consumer value. 

About Fujifilm Systems & Software Development

Fujifilm Systems and Software Development (SSD) is a division of Fujifilm North America Corporation specializing in the development of software solutions that fulfill the demands of a rapidly evolving photographic industry. From retail photo labs to online photo websites and mobile applications, our robust technologies are the driving-forces behind the imaging services offered by world-class leaders in consumer photo-finishing.  We understand what it takes to stay competitive in our fast-paced technological environment and that is why we have designed our solutions to offer our partners powerful applications and services for enhancing the applications they build, generating a greater deal of revenue, and delivering the most innovative and cutting-edge tools which distinctly position their services and product offerings as best-in-class.