Spring 2012 Portal Updates

by User Not Found | Apr 09, 2012

It's been a busy month here at Fujifilm Systems and Software Development and we have made some changes to the portal to make it easier for you to manage your applications. After receiving some great feedback from the development community, we've determined that it would be much easier to manage your applications between preview (testing) and production mode using one portal site instead of using one for testing and one for production.  With that said, this release lets you access both environment configurations using our portal.

One of the changes that you'll see is that when you create a new application, you'll need to specify whether the application is for testing or for production (see image below).  When choosing the 'Preview' environment, you should use the services rooted at Using this root URI indicates to us that your application is still in test mode. This allows you to send orders using test credit card numbers with no expectation of fulfillment.  Applications created using the 'Production' environment use the services rooted at Orders placed through this URI use real credit card numbers and are fulfilled and delivered to your customer.

You'll also notice that, on the pages that can be used to manage either test or production information, a new drop down list is displayed that lets you choose between the two environments. You'll be able to search for orders, view reports, and manage your catalog between the two environments using the new drop down list. 

Environment Picker on the Order Management Page

Let us know what you think of these updates and if you have any other ideas or suggestions that would help make our site better.  You can add a comment directly to this post, or use our Contact Us page to send feedback as well.