Photo Hack Day 4 @ Facebook HQ (Menlo Park, CA)

by Ryan Moore | Apr 03, 2013


We're very excited to be heading to Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA this weekend for Photo Hack Day 4.  This is a great, weekend-long event, full of free food, cash prizes and hours upon hours of coding.

We'll be there with members of our engineering team to help get you started using the Smart Publishing API & to answer any questions you might have whether they're technical (How do I use this thing?) or completely non-technical (Why would I use this thing?).

Whether you use the Smart Publishing APIs or simply integrate our iOS SDK within your app we'll be handing out prizes for the best integration of the services.  Grand prize is the brand new and critically acclaimed Fujifilm X20 digital camera!



For more information on Photo Hack Day presented by Aviary and Facebook, check out:


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    Hello Guys,
    Hope you are doing well!

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    Pramod Thapliyal
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  20. 20 Ryan 06 Apr
    Hey thanks, fixed it!  It just points to the homepage though - to get to the documentation you need to sign in.
  21. 21 Govind 04 Apr
    Hey guys, The "Smart Publishing APIs" link on your blog post is not working.